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16. The Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky

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This work is an experiment with the lighting effects, manipulating the controls on intensity, focus, gloss, material, exposure, ambience and texture channel. Before that
the calligraphy on the album was removed and the sides were extended. 

The "eye in the sky" is the famous symbol of the eye of Horus, the Egyptian god who had the head of a falcon. It is a symbol of protection, royal power
and good health. It represents the eye of the Egyptian god Horus, "The Sky God."

The eye of Horus is the most famous Egyptian symbolThe eye is personified in the goddess Wadjet.
The name Wadjet is derived from the word "wadj" meaning "green."

This is the original album cover art design with the eye of Horus stamped in gold foil.

Art design by Hipgnosis. Album produced by Alan Parsons. Arista 1982.

The album contains the instrumental piece "Sirius", which has become a staple of many big-time college and professional sporting arenas throughout North America. It is best known
for its use by the Chicago Bulls to introduce its starting line-up (including Michael Jordan) during its championship years of the 1990s. It was even the opening song of the 
documentary Michael Jordan to the Max and is also used as the soundtrack for the Nebraska Cornhuskers football team tunnel walk before every home game.
The song was also used by the New Orleans Saints as their entrance music for Super Bowl XLIV. The Kansas City Chiefs also used it during kickoffs.

France's tennis team used the song as their entrance theme for the 2014 Davis Cup final against Switzerland. Full article.

(A) Sirius - Eye in the Sky - Children of the Moon - Gemini - Silence and I

(B) You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned -Psychobabble - Mammagamma - Step by Step - Old and Wise

"Sirius" and "Eye in the Sky" live in concert from MrGuaiforever on YouTube.



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