Saturday, March 7, 2015

31. The Beatles - Revolver

On this image, the original album cover art design is at centre. It was halved. The left half was flipped as pasted on the left side and the right half was also flipped and pasted on the right. Strips of
black and white were then added at the top and bottom in order to fill the  remaining spaces and to create the illusion that the whole image is comprised of two images; one of Paul
and Ringo at left and another of John and George at right. John's image is the one that fascinates me most - he appears like Cyclops and Siamese twins rolled into one!

This is the original album cover art design.

No. 1, Entertainment Weekly, 100 Greatest Albums Ever; No. 1, The Virgin All-Time Album Top 1000; No. 3 Rolling Stone, The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time;
No. 4, Rate Your Music, The 100 Greatest Albums of All Time; No. 233, Billboard, The 300 Best-Selling Albums of All Time.

No. 31, Music Radar, The 50 Greatest Album Covers of All Time.

Illustration by Klaus Voorman, photos by Robert Whitaker. Album produced by George Martin. Parlophone 1966.

Part line drawing, part collage, Revolver's iconic album cover is the handiwork of the German artist Klaus Voorman, The Beatles' old pal. Voorman designed
the cover to mirror the feel of the music itself at the psychedelic dawn. "They were being so avant-garde," Voorman has said. "I thought the cover
has to do the same thing. How far can I go? How strange and surreal it can be?" More

Voorman was nervous when he brought his new creation to The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios. "I put it up on the shelf, and there was
silence in the room. I was shaking. Then they came over and started talking details and the ice was broken and I was so happy."
Paul remembers that day, "It was very exciting to see the drawing. It was, 'Wow, what a great cover!'" "And that...,"
says Klaus decades later, "...made me so happy." More

(A) Taxman - Eleanor Rigby - I'm Only Sleeping - Love You To - Here, There & Everywhere - Yellow Submarine - She Said, She Said

(B) Good Day Sunshine - And Your Bird Can Sing - For No One - Doctor Robert - I Want to Tell You - Got to Get You Into My Life - Tomorrow Never Knows

"Here, There and Everywhere" music and pictures from PJGM8 on YouTube.